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Alongside Gaming and Reading I also enjoy exploring stories, documentaries and more via film and TV. Discussing TV & Film together is probably the wrong thing to do, I’m sure there are purists who would  cry me down for such a crime, but there’s only so many pages I can talk about myself for so they are getting lumped together here. Being such a massive medium, Film & TV offer an unparalleled range of material to experiment with. This means I don’t get to enjoy everything I would like to, there are shows I know I will enjoy that I’ve simply not had time to watch yet (Supernatural springs to mind) and there are films I promise myself i’ll watch on DVD after missing the cinema release that simply never get picked up. I’m not going to claim to be an export on the medium, I watch and enjoy a lot of films and TV shows but my tastes are so broad that I could hardly say I have watched enough of any one genre to be “an expert” in it. I will watch and try to enjoy almost anything, I won’t even flat out dismiss reality TV (when done correctly and approached in an original manner this can be entertaining) but there are definitely genres I gravitated towards. Much like the other interests I have science fiction, fantasy, crime/spy drama are things that usually resonate with me although I do love a good animated movie with heart.

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