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I am a guitar student, I have been learning since around 2010 and am learning to play acoustic, electric and bass. Typically I’m not especially good at art based skill sets but as part of the “setting goals to achieve by 30” fad many people indulge in, I thought it would be a good excuse to take up an instrument and few instruments are as flexible as a guitar. It’s definitely challenging, I’ve never learnt any musical instruments before and know little about musical theory but it’s coming along and it’s giving me a whole new branch of knowledge and a whole new way to spend some of my free time. If nothing else learning an instrument at an older age (I mean not a child) teaches you patience. Your time to practice is limited and as many people warned me in my youth, learning things as you get older becomes harder and even now I can see that’s the case. I still enjoy it though and more than anything am pleased to explore the world of music in a different way, it certainly changes your outlook on how good or bad some things sound. I currently own four guitars, an Epiphone Black Beauty (3 pickup edition) which I play the most, a Fender Dreadnought Electro-Acoustic (Single Cutaway) and a Provibe Jazz Bass which while not a big brand name is a really nice piece of kit. My pride of place goes to my Gretsch Hollow body, it’s a 2012 Alpine white Electromatic and it plays smooth. I play a range of music styles but its mostly Rock, Pop and Country with bits of Jazz and Folk thrown in. Here’s a few mobile snaps of my current gear. [carousel]

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