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I spend a lot of spare time reading, while books are always my favourite medium I also read plenty of comics and graphic novels, web series and while a bit out of place in this section, listen to audi books. Although more popular than they were in the 90s books still seem to have a generally bad name as boring or stuffy, mostly by people who have no idea what they are talking about. It’s a shame because I’ve personally learnt some really valuable lessons from reading and I’m sure I would be a different person completely without those stories and influences on my life. Although I have no specific bias to genre I tend to prefer Science Fiction, Crime and Fantasy novels but also enjoy non fiction and biographical works. So much of other media is based on, copied from or just stolen from books and without them we would have significantly less of the great TV, movies and other media we all enjoy. Loving books doesn’t stop me enjoying all those other things though, I still love games and movies and TV, I just enjoy books as well. While I sometimes get a little upset by the fact books have a bad name it makes me significantly more angry to see book brandishing “intellectuals” devaluing film, TV and games, these people are part of the reason books have a bad name in the first place and are the worse kind of idiot. Although I cannot possibly list all my favourite works here below is a short summary of my recommended series and authors, links will take you to Wikipedia entry for the subject and open in a new window.  

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