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Technology and Science are integral to all of our lives whether we acknowledge them or not. I find the development of technology a fascinating subject and have always tried to understand and follow the latest developments, partially because I find it all so fun and interesting but partially because know what developments are just around the corner can be handy for life in a lot of ways. I’m very passionate about scientific progress, I personally find the fact governments, religious institutions and other “groups” purposely hold back science as a true tragedy. Our scientific progress through the ages is what defines us, from fire, to the printing press to the internet it’s all down to enquiring scientific minds, not magic or God. The next huge step forward for us is going to be two pronged, 3D printing and wearable technology will likely explode and offer up a huge range of future possibilities. Constant information connection and printable goods will make instant acquisition of items and information very easy indeed and that really will change everything all over again. If you’re thinking that sounds silly or impossible just remember that’s what the owners of places like HMV and Blockbusters said about the internet. People in general will be against these things at first, they’ll call wearable technology stupid and insult everyone who uses it, they’ll claim things from 3D printers are somehow “not as good as the real thing” etc but that’s just the nature of people, a large percentage of people did this with the internet in its early days, I remember people saying “it’s for geeks” or “it’s a waste of time” and “it’s just a passing thing” but they were always going to be wrong, I don’t hold a grudge against these people I just wish people would be more accommodating to technological change because the truth is, they’ll be wrong again. I also support transhumanism, which in short, means I believe we can not only build better lives with technology but better humans. We’re already becoming integrated with the net, most people with smart phones would agree they barely ever put them beyond interaction while awake, integrating this functionality into ourselves, initially through wearable technology like the upcoming Google Glass project and in the future digital bionic eyes/receivers and more.

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