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This is a more in depth look at me from a professional angle, what do I do, where have I trained and why do I do what I do, you’ll find it answered in here. It’s still nto quite complete as i’m also bloody busy but any questions get in touch via the contact page. OK, before we go any further this is a fairly long read, if you want a quick summary go check out the me at a glance page or if  your more interested in what makes me tick go see my hobbies and interests page. Right you stayed for the long haul? Let’s get on with it then. My name is Craig and I’m not just another Internet Marketing Nerd. Unlike most people who make that staement however, i’m going to tell you why. I am a UK graduate with a broad knowledge encompassing multiple fields which span my professional and personal life and I bring this knowledge to bear on brand and marketing strategies for various people online. Although originating from search marketing (Search engine optimisation and PPC being my specialities) my educational path, career experience and personal interest have allowed me to cover a huge range of subjects which I believe gives me a unique approach to dealing with marketing and management in the digital world. I do not, and will never claim to be, a fill qualified developer, designer, internet marketer, psychologist, project manager and IT specialist. Almost no-one could be all those things, what I am is someone who has some qualifications and a lot of hands on expierence in all those fields and more. I have actively worked solving problems and running campaigns throughout the last decade and I don’t just turn to staff around me and shout at them until problems go away. I research technologies, I apply logical solutions then I look to build on what has been created in a way that will maximise results, whether they be financial, aesthetic or simply usable. I’m not a coder or designer, I do not know how to code everything myself in PHP, nor am I able to fix every design problem I see in the latest CSS version, but what I am is someone who knows what can and can’t be achieved with technologies. Someone who can understand technical complications and help find solutions and someone who can make the right decisions both pre and post project launch to maximise search visibility, brand value and project efficiency. For further detail I have broken down most of the things I know into three main groups, Internet Marketing, Technical and Psychology.

Online Marketing

I have worked professionally in online marketing since early 2005, while no means the first in the field I have rapidly caught up with almost all avenues with a particular focus on search engine marketing (SEO/PPC). The rapid growth and evolution of doing business online is especially interesting to me and continues to be one of the most underestimated but important forces in this industry. During my time in the field I have moved from a simple SEO executive to a project director working to command and train a team of people in both search marketing and other roles.


My technical background mostly comes from my hobbies and interests and while I have formal qualification in IT my first hand experience gives a confidence with technology many people lack. I began using computers at a very early age, my first being the now famous Sinclair Spectrum ZXR which I came to own in the very early 90’s. This came with many games, software bits and manuals from which I learnt some earl coding skills (128K basic as it was back then). While only self taught I managed to learn a lot about how code and computer work at this early age which set in me in positive stead for the next 20 years as the popularity and prevalence of personal computing exploded. I followed the development of the Windows environment from 3.1 and early internet use (this was initially only available in my locale via cyber cafes and public libraries in which I had to spend a lot of my time investigating this new world) but eventually infrastructure in the UK Midlands caught up and we had our own 56K connection and before long broad band too. While the web was developing I also learnt how to build and maintain computers and still build my own machines now, they tend to be much more cost effective and reliable than off the shelf models. I found the internet an especially captivating idea and spent a lot of time exploring the web, its denizens and learning how it worked while progressing my usual course through secondary and sixth form education.


I’ve always been interested in how people think and work. Psychology has always been an interesting subject to me so when I finished sixth form it made a lot of sense to peruse this field. It was always a toss up between this and physics. Sometimes I regret not going down the hard science physics route but hind site is a wonderful thing etc. and who’s to say I wouldn’t be thinking the same thing right now about psychology if I had. I suspect a subliminal influence of my childhood dream of becoming a Ghostbuster was a contributing factor, they were para-psychologists after all! (Side note: I still want to be a Ghostbuster) Psychology is an amazing field, like all sciences it’s a very broad and there are many ways to approach the discipline. It should be noted I studies psychology not psychiatry, I did not approach the medicinal side of the field except a few overlapping modules. I’m far more interested in how’s and why’s than sitting in one of those big chairs patronizing people. I loved my time studying, although like many people in University life, grew restless after the three years. For people interested wanting to know about this stuff I believe in a quantitative approach to psychology (although I do not completely discount the merits of qualitative research) and preferred to study cognitive fields. My University thesis covered the concept of emerging psychological behaviors online expanding on early work by other researches into a field then initially called “Cyberchondria” although this term has detracted greatly from it’s foundations in 2005/6 study period.

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